Inaugural post, getting started

We’ve finally launched the blog and hope to make updates regularly. Check back often, and please contact us with suggestions, thoughts, contributions, questions, etc.

Dynamic Media Relations aims to be different than any other media relations blog out there by staying committed to providing a holistic view of media relations in light of a rapidly changing tech landscape. We’re excited to explore new technologies and communication channels changing the way organizations communicate with members of the media and customers, but we’ll aim to think practically in every post we write. Let’s face it, Twitter might be revolutionizing the way communications professionals can interact with journalistis, for example, but you simply can’t use it to communicate with journalists that haven’t yet embraced the channel. Although the number of journalists using Twitter continues to climb every day, this group still amounts to only a tiny fraction of the media at large. So whether or not a brand should employ Twitter in their media relations toolkit depends on a number of factors including the industry in which it operates, its target customers, time and resources available, etc.  This is the type of balance we’ll strive to offer, investigating the new from a perspective rooted in the practical.

Still, there are a number of great thought leaders out there that have been blogging on many of these niche topics for quite some time. We’ll try to call them out and give them props along the way, but to get the ball rolling, check out Max Kalehoff. Max writes a MediaPost blog and offers tremendous insights on the power of Twitter and other topics; he’s also vice president of marketing for Clickable search engine marketing.

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