Online press rooms have never been easier …

The WordPress software (which easily allows me to publish this blog) is also well suited for PR pros to develop and roll out simple online press rooms. Can you include all the bells and whistles of a totally custom online press room supported by proper IT staff? Of course not, but remember, the job description for media relations pros includes – scratch that – centers around making things easier for the media. Ever get tired of hearing all the reasons why something cannot get done online? Well, WordPress and similar blogging software programs put the power simply and effectively into our hands. It’s incredibly easy to get these press rooms up and running, and although they’re not as flashy as some of the alternatives, they get the job done. They make the right information available online. They make expert biographies searchable and indexed by the engines. And most importantly, they make it easy to get the right information posted and pitch news in short easy to digest chunks.

I promised myself I wouldn’t mention Twitter in today’s post, but I just can’t resist – when you get your news posted in a timely fashion to a WordPress online press room, you can count on Twitter and TinyURL to make the news very easily digestible and Tweet friendly. There’s no doubt about it; links make for nicer email pitches and simply make life easier for journalists and media relations pros alike.

So I’m encouraging media relations pros to think creatively about how to use Blog software; it just might be the cost effective secret sauce for helping clients communicate more effectively and efficiently with media and the world at large. Want to see a sample? It’s still a work in progress, but have a look at This is the US based online press room for SearchMedica, a global search engine from CMPMedica – built by doctors for doctors to make clinical information more easily searchable and readily available, ultimately to improve patient care.

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