Speaking of Twitter, Embrace it Now

Seems the number of people with something to say about Twitter grows just as rapdily as the number of people using the abbreviated messaging service, and Twitter users (Tweeters) with a traditional media audience continue to introduce new eyes and ears to the conversation. Assistant Editor for iMedia Communications, Inc. (namely iMediaConnection.com) Rich Cherecwich wrote a nice update on Twitter in today’s iMediaConnection news: “Twitter explodes, but does it matter?”

The article provides a nice overview of the potential of Twitter but cautions that it’s not yet a household name. Looking at the business side of Twitter through a recent BusinessWeek story, Cherecwich talks about Twitter’s eight-fold traffic gains vs. a year ago and speculates that it had better keep growing and become a Web giant in its own right like FaceBook and others before it get gobbled up and becomes just another Google application.

In the referenced BusinessWeek article, “Why Twitter Matters,” author Stephen Baker shares some unique insights from Twitter users.

All very interesting insights, but what does all this mean to the world of media relations?

Well, take it all with a grain of salt, but be sure to take it in the first place. In other words, you’d be better off totally buying into the hype as a way to justify learning all the ins and outs of Twitter than you would be ignoring it altogether. Why? Well, once Twitter reaches critical mass with the media you or your clients care about, you’ll wish you had started Tweeting years ago as you rush to catch up with the rest of the Twittering PR pack.

Not sure if your industry will is already at the tipping point or if it’ll ever get there? Post a comment or drop us a line … let’s talk about it.

Although I’m a reserved Tweeter that only tweets for a reason, you can follow me there at @kraigsmith.

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