SIM Partners Displays Local Marketing Expertise

Aggregate case study of local SEO campaigns of 315 businesses establishes best practices, educates the industry

PReturn helps clients identify and leverage unique, internally available resources they can share with media and key constituencies to educate industries they serve, establish best practices, and build brand equity with customers and prospects. Often, organizations don’t realize the wealth of information, research and perspectives generated within their enterprises. After identifying the interests and information needs of influential media, PReturn helps marketers take stock of their internal resources and design action plans to turn these resources into high quality materials that educate those who need the information, garner valuable media coverage and build industry thought leadership.

We recently worked with SIM Partners, a provider of local and social marketing automation technology, to complete an aggregate case study on the effect of Google+ Local optimization – an important emerging opportunity marketers are trying to navigate. The case study turned out beautifully, showcases the local marketing expertise of SIM Partners, and should appeal to current and prospective clients, other stakeholders and the media. Here are some highlights of the study:

SIM Partners analyzed more than 4,000 keyword and city combinations for 315 U.S. businesses, including where they ranked before and after Google+ Local optimization.

Before optimization, the businesses ranked:

  • In one of the top seven positions for only 26 percent of their target keyword research/city combinations
  • In the top two positions for only eight percent

After optimization, the businesses increased the number of keyword/city combinations for which they ranked:

  • In one of the top seven positions by 179 percent
  • In one of the top two positions by 399 percent
  • In the third through fifth positions 97 percent more often
  • Targeted combinations for which the businesses did not appear in the top seven positions decreased by 62 percent


But why does this matter? Well, according the study:

“Google drives a tremendous amount of foot traffic, online visits and phone calls to local businesses (far more than any other source). According to a recent study from MDG Advertising, ‘59 percent of consumers report using Google every month to look for a good local business.’ With growth in adoption of smart phones and other mobile technology, consumers are taking their local searches with them; according to research from Yext, 50 percent of mobile search is local, with 61 percent of local searches on a mobile device resulting in a purchase.”

Seems logical, and Google agrees:

“The web helps people everywhere discover the best of what’s around the world or around the corner. 97% of Americans who use the Internet– pretty much all of us – look online for local products and services. So it should come as no surprise that the impact on businesses of being online is huge.”

So how do businesses go about optimizing their Google+ Local listings for maximum impact? For that, you’ll have to download the report from SIM Partners.

Early media coverage of the case study has already started to appear in outlets like Website Magazine.

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