PReturn’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2016, everyone! Like nearly half of Americans, we reflected on the year gone by, and chose a few resolutions with the potential to make measurable improvements for ourselves and clients alike.

We’ll try not to be the one in three who ditch their vows by the end of January.

Nurture our relationships, and build some new ones too!
PR pros live for the positive relationships they build, and maintaining and strengthening those relationships is something we continuously focus on. While we stay that course in 2016, we’ll also focus on fostering new relationships that are mutually beneficial for all parties, whether it be with new clients, media or industry friends.

Push our clients
We’re proud that our clients consider us strategic communications partners, and we pride ourselves on being just as informed on the industry they serve as they are. That’s why in 2016 we’ll keep introducing initiatives that we think will move the needle, taking time to develop each case while pushing for increased brainstorm sessions to produce many more ideas.


Keep tweaking our writing
We’ve all been writing for a long time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pick up a few pointers and do a little tweaking. Exposing our writing to a different audience for fresh feedback, experimenting with new writing styles, or changing our workflow when it’s time to write all provide ways to improve.


More content!
While we’re constantly promoting our client’s content, it’s easy to forget about our own. 2016 will be the year PReturn’s Twitter feed and blog stream return to peak shape!

Drink less coffee
Just kidding … we work in PR. Coffee consumption is as much a job requirement as good writing.  Fill ‘er up.


With 2015 in the books, all of us at PReturn wish you a happy New Year!

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