Sometimes a more direct approach to consumer feedback can pay dividends

Brand Twitter feeds are often filled with enough “thank you for your feedback” and “we’re working on it!” to bore even the most polished corporate social teams. Not to say these are bad approaches to consumer feedback (re: complaints) – at least consumer feedback is being acknowledged –  but when Twitter managers step out on to a limb and start dropping truth-bombs, we take notice.

That was the case recently, when San Francisco’s BART system’s twitter manager, Taylor Huckabee, began answering riders’ frustrated tweets with honest commentary:


Sure, a standard approach to feedback on social keeps the brand safe, but often times, consumers can grow increasingly frustrated with canned corporate messages. Next time, why not consider a more direct, honest approach that outlines the issue, opens up a dialogue and offers a resolution? Of course knowing where to draw the line and trusting those in charge of the brand Twitter account are important too.

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