Core messages: The foundation on which to build

Building a home means selecting a nice piece of land, determining a layout and, most importantly, laying a solid foundation on which to build. Without it, the walls and roof crumble, and you’re left with the broken pieces of what could have been a beautiful abode.

Similarly, compelling and consistent messages build brand identity. When it comes to driving a PR program, a set of predetermined messages brings efficiency and consistency, providing fodder for press releases, white papers, bylined articles, social media campaigns and more. While communications can’t always be controlled, having messages to lean on is a great start.

The importance of core massages in undeniable, but developing these compelling communications is a process. If you’re planning to craft a messaging platform, consider this model:

Think perceptions
Internal, external and everything in between – it’s important to first identify current perceptions about your brand. Afterward, measure against desired perceptions to identify opportunities for alterations to the message.

SWOT team
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) – every brand has them. A SWOT analysis, when done correctly, enables you to craft messages that focus on your strengths, address and minimize weaknesses and threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of available opportunities.

Write for multiple audiences
A one-for-all company message (often called an umbrella message) is necessary, but so are variations developed specifically with different audiences in mind. Your messages for customers might focus on your products and benefits, while investors might be interested in sales figures or expenses. Start with a core message, then branch to each audience individually.

Keep in mind …
When crafting key messages, they should be:

  • Focused on the audiences’ interests, not just products/services
  • Free of buzzwords, and easy to understand
  • Correct and verifiable
  • Usable in all aspects of your PR program

Thinking of re-laying your messaging foundation? We’d be happy to help you out!


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