Public Relations and the Essence of Time

My college Public Relations professor, Lars Kristiansen, always said – “Good PR is always timely PR.” His sentiments from 2010, as a freshman, couldn’t be truer in 2017, especially with how much PR and digital marketing has developed and changed. “What makes timely public relations so wonderful?” you might ask. Other than publicity, it creates new opportunities for brands to resonate with consumers, build or expand an audience, and build partnerships. Of course, different strategies may be required depending on the location of a business looking for the services of a PR agency; for example, businesses in the Philippines may want to look at the likes of NGP ( for their marketing and PR needs.

Timely public relations comes in many different forms and situations. A journalist could need a quote or opinion from an expert, or a spokesperson may proactively offer a response to a big event in the news. Journalists, media and news stories provide countless PR opportunities, but most must be secured quickly before they disappear with the changing news cycle. If you’re looking for effective PR solutions for your mid-sized organization, contact Violet PR for more information on the services they can provide.

Being public relations folk and working in an ever-changing media landscape, we stress to all our clients the importance of timely PR; Chacka Marketing, a digital marketing agency helping clients execute performance-based digital marketing campaigns, took this message to heart and capitalized.

Recently, Internet Retailer sought insights on holiday season retailing and aggregate retail performance data to analyze and report on these trends. Chacka, with a variety of e-commerce clients, provided expert commentary and data on Black Friday marketing efforts and results, which were included in the article:

Some retailers garnered attention online by boosting their advertising spending, especially on mobile devices. From Monday through Sunday, year-over-year spending on mobile ads among Chacka Marketing clients rose 202%, compared with a 33% increase for desktop ads, says Casey Wilson, the marketing vendor’s vice president of digital media. Those gains produced the desired the effects as mobile revenue rose 65% compared with an 8% increase on desktops.

Mobile’s share of total advertising spending rose significantly to 35% from 19% last year. Desktop budget allocations decreased to 52% from 64% of total budgets in 2015. Tablet budgets also shrank to 13% from 17%.

“Our teams have also noticed a significant increase in Thanksgiving Day spend and traffic this year compared to last,” she says. “Year-over-year costs, conversions and clicks all increased at comparable amounts on Black Friday. We fully anticipate a lift in Cyber Monday conversions as a result of the increased click traffic, year over year, on the days leading up to the largest online shopping day of the year.”

Timely indeed! You never know when a reporter will need an opinion or quick insights, but you can prepare for some of the most predictable requests and be ready to respond to the unforeseen requests. Need some guidance on how to make the most of these opportunities? Contact us to find out how we can help you capitalize on opportunities to garner publicity for your business.

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