Offbeat Sheet: The Lilium Jet

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Transportation services like Uber and Lyft have been around for a handful of years, but the latest step into modern transportation is reminiscent of “The Jetsons.”

Say hello to the Lilium Jet, an all-electric air taxi that lifts off vertically, hovers and accelerates up to 186 mph before landing. This past spring a test video illustrated proof of this fantastical air taxi’s capabilities. Theoretically, a 50 minute commute could be cut to 5 minutes with the help of the Lilium Jet.

With the concept video, and the sheer magical innovation, Lilium attracted investors like Twitter co-founder Ev Williams and his venture group Obvious Ventures. Lilium recently announced it has secured $90 million in Series B funding from Obvious Ventures, along with LGT, Atomico, and the Chinese investment firm Tencent. “This investment is a tremendously important step for Lilium as it enables us to make the five-seat jet a reality,” said Lilium Co-founder/CEO Daniel Wiegand.

It’s possible that in two years you’ll hail an air-taxi wherever you want to go. While the cost of the service is yet unknown, you can bet it’ll cost more than a regular ride with Uber or Lyft. Will you be among the first to take a ride in a flying car, just like the Jetsons?


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