The lines between public relations, content development and search engine optimization have been blurring for years, and clients increasingly ask us to develop content that attracts and resonates with their most important audiences. With a growing demand for this type of support, we offer a comprehensive set of blog-specific services that includes planning, creation, maintenance and promotion.

We help marketers consider and make some important decisions prior to launching any blog. What goals will it achieve? What type of content will it provide? How will it add value and attract target customers? What tools will encourage readers to distribute and share its content with others? Perhaps among the most important decisions, marketers need to consider which company employees will be authorized to blog, what sort of topics employees will be encouraged to cover and how to ensure intriguing entries get posted on a regular basis to keep the blog fresh and engage readers over the long haul.

We can even help clients choose the right blogging software and hosting providers.

Interested in launching a blog but not sure where to start? Want to take an existing blog to the next level? We can help.