Editorial Calendars: Cater to their schedules

Most media relations profe [...]

How to
Print vs. Online – a news tipping point reached?

With the July 4 holi [...]

Own the discussion for less, with search

I recently blogged about owning the discussion and cited the recent tainted tomato scare as an example of a tim [...]

How to
Rotten Tomatoes: Owning the Discussion

Dan Malachowski at DoubleClic [...]

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The Inbound Ideal: get media coming to you

Shortcuts are dangerous in media relations; they can lead to sloppy communications with important journalists, [...]

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Spokespeople: pause, think … then speak

Common sense rules when talking with any media.

Personally, I would like to see [...]

Resolving media relations mistakes …

The team at PReturn strives f [...]

Front page exposure for the cost of an unsellable vehicle … genius?

Let's face it, plenty of interactions happen between the media and organizations of all types with no involveme [...]

Online press rooms have never been easier …

The WordPress software (which easily a [...]

Speaking of Twitter, Embrace it Now

Seems the number of people with something to say about Commentary

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