Print vs. Online – a news tipping point reached?

With the July 4 holi [...]

Own the discussion for less, with search

I recently blogged about owning the discussion and cited the recent tainted tomato scare as an example of a tim [...]

How to
Rotten Tomatoes: Owning the Discussion

Dan Malachowski at DoubleClic [...]

How to
The Inbound Ideal: get media coming to you

Shortcuts are dangerous in media relations; they can lead to sloppy communications with important journalists, [...]

How to
Spokespeople: pause, think … then speak

Common sense rules when talking with any media.

Personally, I would like to see [...]

Resolving media relations mistakes …

The team at PReturn strives f [...]

Front page exposure for the cost of an unsellable vehicle … genius?

Let's face it, plenty of interactions happen between the media and organizations of all types with no involveme [...]

Online press rooms have never been easier …

The WordPress software (which easily a [...]

Speaking of Twitter, Embrace it Now

Seems the number of people with something to say about Commentary

Inaugural post, getting started

We've finally launched the blog and hope to make updates regularly. Check back often, and please contact us wit [...]

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