Offbeat Sheet: First U.S. Drone Delivery

PReturn’s Offbeat Sheet examines some of the world’s most interesting technology, marketing and innovation stories. Often pushed [...]
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Core messages: The foundation on which to build Building a home means selecting a nice piece of land, determining a layout and, most importantly, laying a solid foundation on which to buil [...]
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Choosing a PR Agency: Ask these questions first! Your product is great, you’ve got robust data to share, your messages are on point and now you’re thinking “We need help raising our p [...]
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Measuring PR in Today’s Data-Driven World It’s hard to believe 2016 is nearly half-way over, but as mid-year approaches, it’s helpful for PR pros to gauge what’s working and wh [...]
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Syndicated Coverage: The Hidden Value of News Service Reporters We often think of wire services as a tool used to distribute press releases for clients – and while that’s certainly true, it doesn’t [...]
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After rare revenue decline, Apple (initially) slips again with media and analysts The last time Apple had bad financial news to report, the Cincinnati Bengals had just picked Carson Palmer as the No. 1 player in the NFL Dr [...]
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The Value of a Relationship It’s been a long-debated topic in media relations: how much is a PR professional’s relationship worth in terms of getting stories placed [...]
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Brands beware – fans could eat you alive Twitter – the wonderful world where brand to consumer interaction is readily available and honestly can play big dividends – unless, of [...]
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Sometimes a more direct approach to consumer feedback can pay dividends Brand Twitter feeds are often filled with enough "thank you for your feedback" and "we're working on it!" to bore even the most polished cor [...]
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A moment of reflection: modern email creator dies The way in which we do business in the 21st century was largely defined the moment Ray Tomlinson sent the first person-to-person [...]
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