Michigan’s Punter Teaches Us Valuable PR Lessons As you may have heard, Michigan recently lost to rival Michigan State on one heck of a strange play in the final seconds of their recent mat [...]
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Rebecca Minkoff Store Proves the Business Magic of Technology Often hyped as the “next big thing” for improving productivity or driving sales, technology can sometimes get in the way of progress. [...]
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Twitter DM’s to reporters – not without a relationship Hooray! Twitter eliminated the 140-character limit on direct messaging (DM), time to get pitching! Pause, take a deep breath and first be su [...]
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Pitch Perfect: Don’t be the butt of a journalist joke Media relations, a big piece of the PR professional's puzzle, is an ever-evolving strategy with the floods of content thrown at reporters ev [...]
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Indiana Hires PR Firm Following the recent controversy surrounding Indiana’s adoption of the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act,"* the state has hired Porter No [...]
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Uber campaigning to repair its fractured image From a senior executive outlining a plan* to hire opposition researchers and journalists to dig up dirt on critics, to reports** of poaching [...]
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“Sauce Castillo” Offers PR Gold When Sacramento Kings’ rookie shooting guard Nik Stauskas hit a three-point shot recently, closed captioning offered an interesting interp [...]
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Three Ways a New Client Campaign is Like MLB Opening Day While last week’s late snow arrival harshly welcomed the start of spring, MLB teams continued their feverish preparations to put the final [...]
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Foot in Mouth Continues for Big-Name Brands Remember last year when we told you* about major brand mishaps when it came to personalized marketing materials? Update: Th [...]
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Be Like Mike I studied postmodern American literature in college (have a degree focusing on it, actually) and so the idea of recycling historical content [...]
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