One of the most effective methods for executives to boost visibility of themselves and their brands, bylined articles and columns position executives as thought leaders within their industry and the business world at large and help brands establish a trail of credibility that can mean the difference between closing or losing a sale. For some clients, we create larger media relations programs in which bylined articles and columns complement other announcements and integrated efforts. In other instances, we work directly with executives or marketing departments looking to supplement their existing public relations program with a focused effort to increase the profile of one or several company leaders.

Either way, these articles provide branding value among each publication’s readers, but many clients get more mileage by repurposing them as sales tools. The articles typically cover pressing industry issues to position client authors as industry leaders or visionaries and should avoid being self-serving.

We work closely with clients to understand important perspectives and capture insights in “ghost-written” articles which get published under the executives’ names. Over time, these efforts raise visibility, strengthen reputations and effectively promote affiliated brands.