The benefits of a traditional media relations program can be tremendous for companies, but brands increasingly seek to complement these programs with social media campaigns that enable direct communication with their target audiences; build online dialogue about the brand, affiliated events or other accomplishments; and create thought leadership for brands and executives.

We create and manage branded Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn marketing programs, Wikipedia pages and other social media programs that generate a snowball effect for marketers by continually growing a brand’s following and extending the reach of its messages. We typically recommend working with clients to develop a social media road map that clearly establishes the goals of the program and incorporates the best strategies and tactics to foster success. Since contacts and content fuel social media programs, we help clients on both fronts, working to implement cost-effective methods to build social media engagement and identify the right mix of subject matter, news, industry highlights and milestones to employ as part of the program.

Marketers considering social media should understand that content developed for the channel can be put to use in many complementary ways. Promotional campaigns featuring corporate blogs, editorial media relations programs, bylined articles and other opportunities can thrive by leveraging content originally developed for social media channels.