Some clients ask us to help get their speaking initiatives off the ground. Others work with us to extend efforts or refine their approach for greater effectiveness. Either way, speaking engagements help raise the profile and credibility of executives and brands.

We help clients pursue and secure speaking opportunities at leading industry trade shows and events, where many report securing some of their best sales and partnership contacts. We collaborate to identify the shows that matter most, track speaking proposal deadlines and requirements, craft compelling proposals to ensure clients’ best ideas and speakers get considered, and create follow-up strategies whenever appropriate.

We work closely with clients to develop intriguing content that fosters connections at the shows. Sometimes, content development efforts focus on research or case studies to be included in presentations; other times, we work to develop white papers or other educational resources speakers can mention during presentations and offer to attendees. Creative approaches like this enable presenters to connect with prospects in more meaningful ways and get more out of opportunities to present.